About Generativity

“Generativity: manage it!” is a project that responds to some of the questions that arise in most of the third sector organizations in various fields: from social intervention to educational, from empowerment disadvantaged groups or individuals, to support employment: The need to acquire, develop & implement skills and competences on Project Cycle Management.

what is generativity

we mean a self-contained system from which users draw an independent ability to create, generate, implement or produce new content unique to that system without additional help or input from the system’s e original creators. We adapt a term was coined in 1950 by Erik Erikson to denote a concern for establishing and guiding from designing and implementing innovative ICT tools for PCM and to develop effective and sustainable services. The project aims to make a difference in one’s life, to give back and take care of one’s community. We share our competence to foster new generativity