Generativity LTTA in Syros – day 2: “How to structure an innovative and sustainable project idea”

All partners meet for the day 2 of the LTTA training event in Syros, a whole working day dedicate to learn the lessons on how to structure an innovative and sustainable idea. The training focuses on major principles of Project Cycle Management related to the structuring procedures that allow organizations to pass from a project idea to its development into a formal project proposal. The training program leads participants to familiarize to concept such as the analysis of the logical structure of the project intervention; the project cycle management general references; the process to pass from the need analysis to design of the SWOT matrix; the design of the objectives under the SMART matrix and their development into the logical framework to foster an innovative, sustainable, effective project idea.

Participants alternate moment of direct training with roundtable confrontation and share that allow to close the day 2 with feedback that will be further developed to maximize the training offer itself.