Generativity LTTA in Syros – day 3: “Building an international, national, local partnership” and “Submission procedures according to the guidelines of the European Commission”

Day 3 is dedicated to the deepening of the module 3 and module 4. The issues at stake in module 3 allow participant to focus on the following themes of Project Cycle Management: the differences between implementation, transfer of innovation and mainstreaming; things to consider when building the transnational dimension: the geographical balance, homogeneous entities, the allocation of responsibilities & operational management; the very central communication and collaboration aspect, with the related suggested ICT available tool. The module 4 is dedicated to the learning specifically dedicated to the submitting process,  with focuses on the variety of forms and attachments, and the required documents to be prepared. Similarly to other days, the participants alternate given lessons on the major aspects from the chairing experts, with roundtable debate with productive answers-to-questions dynamics.