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Few days for the training modules on project cycle management

We are working hard to meet the challenge of disseminating the training modules on project cycle management. The partners implemented the six training modules out of an original concept of Paolo Brusa and Federica Cadeddu from Diciannove, then we tested them on our staff during a collective LTTA training event. After a precise evaluation about […]

Generativity LTTA in Syros – day 4: „Implementation, evaluation, valorisation, dissemination, exploitation of project results”

Day 4 is dedicated to familiarize with PCM issues related to the implementation of a project proposal. The module 5 focuses on implementation, dissemination, valorization and communicative strategies. All these terms related to concepts which have precise meanings and logical implication within the framework of the development of an effective and sustainable project. The module also […]

Generativity LTTA in Syros – day 3: „Building an international, national, local partnership” and „Submission procedures according to the guidelines of the European Commission”

Day 3 is dedicated to the deepening of the module 3 and module 4. The issues at stake in module 3 allow participant to focus on the following themes of Project Cycle Management: the differences between implementation, transfer of innovation and mainstreaming; things to consider when building the transnational dimension: the geographical balance, homogeneous entities, the allocation of […]

Generativity LTTA in Syros – day 1: „overview on the financial and programmatic priorities of the EU2020 strategy”

the LTTA short term staff training event started successfully today in Syros, where partners congregate and started the working program with the testing of the module 1 of the training set on Project Cycle Management. The module 1 is focused on giving an overview on the financial and programmatic priorities of the EU2020 strategy within […]

Workshop at FEANTSA European conference

On may 18 Generativity project has been presented at the FEANTSA European conference in Gdansk (PL). Paolo Brusa lead the participants to the discovering of the basic principles of project cycle management. The Project Cycle Management is an approach to manage multiple projects or programs and to improve the quality of projects by learning from […]