partnership: it is composed by high-level organizations creating a three-levelled integrated consortium:
      • legal entity: varies from 1st level (local associations IT, EL, PL, UK, CY), 2nd level (regional and national umbrella organizations IT, FR) and 3rd level (EU-federations BE); private and public bodies; the consortium has direct impact in 28 Member States

      • level of impact in terms of dissemination: at local level (in BE, IT, FR); country- level (BE, FR, IT, EL); EU-wide (BE)

      • range of activities: from higher education institutions (EL); quality management (CY, PL, IT); evaluation (UK); ICT experts (PL, IT); advocacy and inclusion policies for homelessness (BE, FR, IT, EU), migrants, refugees (BE, FR, IT, EU)

      • nominal partners are: FEANTSA (BE), Danmar Computers (PL), Diciannove s.c. (IT), University of Thessalis (EL), Europe Evaluation Company (UK), KEA (EL), FIOpsd (IT), FNARS (FR), Cardet (CY)