These online tutorials represent the third intellectual output of the Generativity project. They have been designed and developed by Danmar Computer, who assigned to the various partners the implementation of each single tutorial.

The tutorials focus on supporting beginners and professionals to learn, acquire and improve their IT skills in order to succeed in effective and sustainable projects, specifically targeted to the Erasmus+ program.

The tutorials represent the “how-to” materials, an unofficial method often used by open source communities, which proved to be very effective for learning about ICT tools. Special attention is given to security while using ICT technologies for project management. They include a specific explanations on how to use project management tools, providing a direct support in doing all the necessary steps to meet the challenge of a successfull project.

They are available in English with subtitles in all partner languages, please make sure to turn on subtitles and choose the language of your choice.

It is possible to collaborate with us by giving feedback on tutorials and modules by registering on the collaborate section of the platform.

You can watch them all at once: