working on iO1

the project keeps on its working program. The platform you are reading, which constitutes the iO1 (first intellectual output) is on the way to get its complete functionality. In its progressive stages, this platform allows professionals, staff and users from all around Europe to familiarize with the principle of Project Cycle Management (PCM); to access the training modules on PCM (expected by June 2017) and subsequently the tutorials (expected by fall 2017). Meanwhile other resources will be added, such as the bibliography on PCM. 

KoM in Torino

the project Generativity starts with a two days steering meeting between the partner organization in Torino. The two working days agenda is condensed, as the partners are re-designing the program of the project in order to face the impact of the cuts but still assuring a successful implementation. General agreements and distribution of tasks between partners and across the next 23 months have been on the discussion agenda as well.

Ready for generativity

“Generativity: manage it!” is a project that responds to some of the questions that arise in most of the third sector organizations: the need to acquire, develop & implement skills and competences on Project Cycle Management. The term was coined in 1950 by Erik Erikson to denote a concern for establishing and guiding: in Erikson’s “Stages of Psychosocial Development”, generativity is defined as a struggle against stagnation that ascends during adulthood, when a process of guidance left the place for a process of guiding the next generations. The partners of the project share their competences and skills to respond to such needs and to foster new generatively. “Generativity: manage it!” consists of an online platform (IO1); five training modules (IO2), which will be tested during a 5 days short term training staff event (LTTA); the online tutorials on PCM (IO3); a dedicated bibliography on PCM.