Generativity LTTA in Syros – day 5: group-work sessions and summary of Project Cycle Management principles

The fifth and last day of joint staff training event is dedicated to group-work sessions in which participants debate to highlight the main topics which has been learnt during the previous four days, to evaluate the training process and define the eventual improvements and adjustments.

The participants were divided into 3 groups taken as single partnership; each group has a dedicated time to develop a practical project ideas, to define the shape and roles within the partnership-group, and to distribute the relative responsibilities and tasks. Each group mandate is to debate and address the aims and objectives; to identify the activities and sub activities on the basis of a problem tree, and its related solution tree. This exercise leads to the definition of draft project template. The group-work outputs has then been discussed on a plenary session where all participants share the lessons-learnt, and contribute with practical tips and suggestions on the basis of their competences and experiences.