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PCM bibliography

It is now on line the PCM bibliography based on the research on relevant literacy on PCM carried on by Diciannove, Cardet, EEC, Danmar, FNARS and University of Thessaly in order to address the more innovative and efficient support, tools and path to PCM.  The bibliography is the result of a desktop research and sharing […]

Generativity workshop at FEANTSA European conference

During the forthcoming FEANTSA European conference that will take place in Gdansk (PL) on 18-19-20 May 2017, Paolo Brusa from Diciannove will conduct a workshop to present the project and to specifically start to be generative with the Eu participating audience. Driving from the presentation of the forthcoming available training modules on PCM, the participant […]

new utilities available on the platform

this platform is now linked with the main sources of information concerning to European calls and project management opportunities. To receive a constant and on-time updates on the forthcoming calls and on other relevant information related to the Commission communications around Eu funds opportunities, you just has to register on the project contacts links on […]

working on iO1

the project keeps on its working program. The platform you are reading, which constitutes the iO1 (first intellectual output) is on the way to get its complete functionality. In its progressive stages, this platform allows professionals, staff and users from all around Europe to familiarize with the principle of Project Cycle Management (PCM); to access […]

KoM in Torino

the project Generativity starts with a two days steering meeting between the partner organization in Torino. The two working days agenda is condensed, as the partners are re-designing the program of the project in order to face the impact of the cuts but still assuring a successful implementation. General agreements and distribution of tasks between […]