The training modules created as IO2 of the Generatively project have been designed to strengthen the social and educational communities in a 2.0 environments.

The following six training modules represent an innovative, effective and sustainable guide to Project Cycle Management.

The training modules have been produced to offer an easy-to-understand first touch for the PCM beginners, with practical tips to support on specific issues. At the same time, the exhaustive notes offer the possibilities to improve both the individual and collective skills of those who are already experience. Our goal is to generate and support a wide new generation of third sector organizations int their path to the creation, development and implementation of sustainable and effective European projects.

The training modules are divided in slide and notes: the slides are in English while the notes are in national languages to favor a better knowledge.

They are all in free and easy use: you just have to choose the module of your interest by searching through their titles; select the chosen module; decide if you what to read it online or to download it directly on your IT device.

(download available from January 2018 – register on “collaborate with us” to get fresh update on their publishing)